15 Oct 2019

15 Oct 2019

Munich | Luxe talent Cabinet International de Recrutement et Formation spécialisée dans le secteur Corporate & Retail

First Luxe Talent office in Munich

Barcelona, 15th of October 2019 The Recruitment and Training consultancy Luxe Talent opens its first office in Germany. Munich is the city chosen by the company to establish itself in the DACH market, expanding its international presence with its fifth office in Europe.

The recruitment company has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and Milan and more than 500 clients in the last 10 years. Luxe Talent has worked over the years to position itself as a recruitment consultancy specialising in Fashion and Luxury, with job vacancies focused on Retail and Corporate throughout Europe.

As a consequence of its growth, not only has it opened a new office in Munich, but it has also changed its office in Milan, where it is located in Via Morigi 7. This is due to the fast growth of the International Team, made up of consultants of Italian, German and Russian nationality.

The company's decision to establish itself in Germany is only the natural consequence of the progressive increase in its commercial activity. "For more than 5 years we have been working in the German market with our international clients. Due to the increased workload and our strategic vision in Europe, we considered it necessary to open an office in Munich", says Julio Collado, CEO of Luxe Talent.

The bet on Germany represents a unique opportunity for expansion in such a demanding market as DACH. In addition, as the Luxe Talent Salary benchmarking, launched in September 2019 in Spanish, reveals the most competent salaries in the Retail market are in Germany and Switzerland. The study reveals that a Store Manager in these countries can earn up to 50% more than in Spain or even 75% more than in Portugal.

Luxe Talent's new office is located in Maximilianstrasse 35, a key commercial area within the luxury sector in Munich.


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