13 Sep 2019

13 Sep 2019

Salary benchmark | Luxe talent Cabinet International de Recrutement et Formation spécialisée dans le secteur Corporate & Retail


Salary Benchmarking


Barcelona, September 13th, 2019. Due to the changes that are taking place in the universe of Retail, Luxe Talent, Personnel Selection Consultancy specialized in Fashion, Retail and Luxury, has carried out a European Salary Study of this sector. It reflects the salary differences between Sales Assistants and Store Managers, two of the most frequented profiles in physical stores.

The Retail sector has undergone profound changes in recent years and, more recently, with the increase in technological advances and globalisation. The shopping experience has taken on special relevance over products or brands, considerably affecting the way consumers buy. One of the consequences is the growing demand for store professionals with a command of different languages, beyond English.

The more than 10 years of experience in the sector, the permanent contact with candidates and clients and its clear international vision, have allowed Luxe Talent to establish the main trends for each case studied in this Sector Salary Study.

The study shows wage differences of up to 50% between a country like Portugal, in full economic recovery, with its neighbour Spain, or more than 75% with a country the size of Switzerland. The Netherlands and Germany have similar salary ranges, with Munich being the city with the best remuneration.

In the case of Spain, the study reflects quite notable differences between Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona offers higher salaries than the Spanish capital, highlighting the superiority of the remunerative packages of the Sales Assistants profiles in comparison.



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